Checking In

Thank you to all those who have sent emails, phoned and left comments on the blog. Both Yuka & I are safe and well, as are all our friends and family.

The situation to the north of Tokyo is nothing short of horrific. If you can, then please donate to the Red Cross or other reputable relief agency. The following pictures are extremely distressing, but they give an idea of what people are up against:

New York Times

If you are concerned, need information or any kind of assistance, then Yuka and I will do whatever we can for you. My email is cjw at, and you can find me on Facebook (search for Chris White Japan), Twitter (i_cjw), Skype (cjw_japan) or Bloomberg (Christopher White, Elmwood Advisors).

“There are no dreams,
For there are no nights of sleep”

10th Century Japanese Tanka poem, author unknown.